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Dominique M. Carrington

Meet Dominique, the creative genius behind the scenes of Naptown Floral. Born and raised in Indianapolis, her fine art background shines through in the artistry of every arrangement. 

Her love of floristry began in college, when she found a job in a little flower & vintage candy shop in The Twin Cities. From there, her love of expressing her creativity through flowers grew. 

Unlike most art, flowers are delicate and beautiful living things that can only be worked with in a short amount of time. They don't last forever, and there lies Dominique's love for them. 

She prides herself on creating unique pieces that leave her clients thrilled and inspired. Her experience with everything from full hanging installations for elegant parties, to spray painting truly one of a kind handheld master flo for weddings - guarantees that choosing her to create your floral arrangement will leave you truly satisfied.

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